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Speech by S for S at Asian Securitex Conference 2014 (English only)

     Following is the speech by the Secretary for Security, Mr Lai Tung-kwok, at Asian Securitex Conference 2014 today (May 8):

Mr Cheung (General Manager of the organiser, Hong Kong Exhibition Services Ltd), distinguished guests and speakers, ladies and gentlemen,

     Good morning. It gives me great pleasure to see so many representatives of the worldwide security industry present here today, and to have this opportunity to share with you the latest development on the security front of Hong Kong.

     Hong Kong is one of the safest regions in the world, with a low crime rate and good social order. In terms of security, without being complacent, we are indeed the envy of many municipal governments. While we pride ourselves in being a free, open and secure society, community support is one of the most important elements of our being able to live up to our world-renowned reputation. A few figures may give you a better idea. There are almost 42 000 buildings in Hong Kong, ranging from residential buildings to industrial blocks and commercial towers. We feel safe in this city because more than 290 000 security personnel and 900 security companies are complementing the work of our law enforcement agencies.

     In a sophisticated city like ours, security is not only built upon Government's efforts in maintaining law and order, important though they are. The private security sector's collaboration matters too. I am delighted that the Asian Securitex's mission is to showcase the latest security, safety and fire protection products and technologies. Technology alone cannot make a city a safe place to live, but the people making best use of the technologies can. The SAR Government remains committed to working closely with the professionals in the security sector to make Hong Kong a better place to live.

     The private security sector in Hong Kong has always been making laudable efforts in responding to the changing needs and demands of the market through continuous upgrading of its services and has evolved from simple property guarding work to more sophisticated services using modern management methods and advanced technologies.

     Over the years, the Asian Securitex Conference serves as a unique platform for both local and international professionals of the security industry to exchange ideas, to share experience and expertise, which fosters industry growth and development. The Conference explored the emerging markets in the Mainland in 2010 and discussed some of the security challenges posed by mega-scale international events in 2012. It has also been recognised as an active think tank providing new insights and ideas for the industry to cope with the rapidly changing security landscape. The theme this year is "Meeting the Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing Security Environment". I am sure that we would all agree that new technologies give us greater convenience and a more comfortable life. The use of technologies allows us to work more efficiently while liberating our brains to think how we could work even more efficiently and smartly.

     The advancement of technology has also inevitably led to the emergence of new security issues such as technology and cyber crimes. Our industry no longer only deals with security issues in physical space, but also in the enormous virtual community. Cyber criminals are now capable of stealing more money from our pockets than old-fashioned robbers ever could. With the digital world becoming more complex and far-reaching, we are likely to bump into security issues in the cyber world that are beyond our imagination, and we need to get prepared. In fact, reports of technology crime have remarkably increased over the past few years. Our Police representative will therefore share with you on the latest situation of technology crime in Hong Kong this afternoon. This session would certainly help enhance understanding of the prevalent mode of operation of cyber crimes and how best we could protect ourselves from falling into such traps.

     Technology provides opportunities but also presents challenges and transformation. To cope with future challenges, we must be better prepared by thinking ahead and anew and working in collaboration. The Asian Securitex Conference 2014 offers a useful and timely opportunity for every participant in unleashing the potential and shaping the way of the security industry ahead.

     Last but not least, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the keen contribution of all participating parties making this event a great success. For those who came from a distance, I wish you all a wonderful stay in Hong Kong. Thank you.

Ends/Thursday, May 8, 2014
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