Town Planning Board's response on the application for a hotel development at 27 Lugard Road

     With regard to the public concern on the application for a hotel development at 27 Lugard Road, the Town Planning Board (TPB) has the following responses today (October 4):

     The subject application was considered by the Metro Planning Committee (the Committee) of TPB on September 6, 2013.  After considering all relevant planning factors (including planning intention, land use compatibility as well as the environmental, landscape, traffic and infrastructural impacts from the proposed development), comments from relevant bureaux/departments and the public comments received, the Committee decided to approve the application.

     The main consideration of the Committee was that the application could preserve a Grade 2 historic building of preservation value, and appropriate traffic management measures could be implemented to mitigate the traffic impact generated by the hotel development.  After balancing all relevant factors, the Committee decided to approve the application with conditions.

     The Committee recognised the public concern on the traffic impact on Lugard Road in relation to the hotel.  The proposed hotel falls within an area zoned "Residential (Group C)2" on the Outline Zoning Plan.  According to the expert advice from the Transport Department, the traffic flow generated by the proposed hotel would be similar to a residential redevelopment at the application site.  Besides, the traffic management measures proposed by the applicant including the use of environmental-friendly electric car and restricted hours of using Lugard Road could also ensure that other users of Lugard Road would not be affected by the hotel.  The Committee advised the Transport Department to impose tighter restrictions regarding the restricted hours for logistic trips when issuing a permit for the hotel to use Lugard Road in the future.  Furthermore, the relevant approval conditions imposed could also ensure that the hotel would not create adverse sewerage impact.

     Regarding public consultation on planning applications, an application will be published for three weeks for public comments in accordance with the Town Planning Ordinance (the Ordinance).  The subject application was published from July 12, 2013 to August 2, 2013 for public comments.  All comments received were submitted to the Committee for consideration.  According to the Ordinance, any comment received after the expiration of the statutory period of inviting comments shall be treated as not having been made.

     The further information subsequently submitted by the applicant only involved clarifications and responses to departmental comments without resulting in any material change in the nature of the application, the further information was exempted from the publication requirement in accordance with the relevant Town Planning Board Guidelines.

Ends/Friday, October 4, 2013
Issued at HKT 21:15