The Secretary for Transport and Housing, Ms Eva Cheng, currently leading a shipping mission to Malaysia, today (June 29) delivered a keynote speech at a luncheon in Kuala Lumpur after a seminar on Hong Kong's maritime services. Ms Cheng said that Hong Kong, with its full range of professionals, was well-positioned to be a partner to the Malaysian shipping industry in taking advantage of new opportunities offered by expanding maritime trade. Ms Cheng said, "Our maritime experts have accumulated more than a century of experience in their professions and have formed a close partnership with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in our joint efforts to enhance the competitiveness of our shipping industry. "The delegates travelling with me on this visit are our industry leaders, and many of them also serve on the Hong Kong Maritime Industry Council and Hong Kong Port Development Council, which are the Government's most important port and maritime advisory bodies." Delegates who spoke at the seminar introduced Hong Kong's quality services in ship management, arbitration, ship broking, ship finance, capital formation and maritime insurance.