The Acting Secretary for Transport and Housing, Mr Yau Shing-mu, delivered a speech at the 19th Asian Shipowners Forum plenary lunch today (May 25). The control of greenhouse gas emissions from ships, piracy, environmentally friendly ship recycling, and the current economic climate and its impact on Asian shipowners were discussed at the plenary session. Picture shows Mr Yau exchanging views with the Hong Kong Shipowners Association's Chairman, Mr Kenneth Koo (left), on maritime development. Mr Yau also called on the maritime sector to show concern for Hong Kong's constitutional development as Hong Kong had now come to a critical juncture for democratic development. He said that rational discussion and communication would be conducive to narrowing the divergent views of various sectors and forging consensus on the proposed package for 2012. He said he hoped that everyone could focus on the overall interests of Hong Kong and that Hong Kong's political system could move forward progressively on the road to democracy.