Justices of the Peace Appointments

     The Government published this year's appointments of Justices of the Peace (JPs) in the Government Gazette today (July 1).

     A total of 76 people have been appointed, including 49 JPs appointed under section 3(1)(b) of the Justices of the Peace Ordinance (Chapter 510) (commonly referred to as "Non-official JPs") and 27 JPs appointed under section 3(1)(a) of the same ordinance (commonly referred to as "Official JPs").

     The main function of JPs is to visit prisons, detention centres and other institutions to ensure their effective management and that no individual is unfairly treated or deprived of his or her rights. JPs may also be required by the Chief Executive to perform other duties.

     The following are JPs appointed under section 3(1)(b) of the Justices of the Peace Ordinance with effect from July 1:

Mr Chan Keng-chau
Ms Angel Chan Siu-po
Professor Thomas Chan Yan-keung
Mr Chan Yau-hoi
Mr John Chiu Chi-yeung
Dr Chow Chun-bong
Mr Chung Kong-mo
Mr Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges
Mr Martin Nicholas Hadaway
Mr Hau Kam-lam
Mr Dominic Ho Chiu-fai
Mr Ho Wai-shek
Ms Margaret Ko
Dr Bill Kwok Chi-piu
Mr Kenneth Kwok Hing-wai
Professor Lai Kar-neng
Mr Lam Chek-yau
Mr David Lam
Mr Andrew Lam Siu-lo
Mr Tavier Lau Chi-kuen
Dr Lau Mo-yee
Ms Elizabeth Law
Mr Lee Ka-kit
Mr Andrew Leung Chi-kwan
Mr Adrian David Li Man-kiu
Mr Li Tak-hong
Mr Liu Sing-cheong
Mrs Amy Liu Tam Yuen-king (alias Ms Amy Yuen-king Liu)
Miss Christine Loh Kung-wai
Mr Ma Ching-nam
Ms Jenny Ma Kit-han
Mr Ma Kwai-yung
Dr Ng Cho-nam
Mr Ng Kam-chun
Dr Matthew Ng
Mr Lawrence Ong Tong-sing
Dr Louis Shih Tai-cho
Dr Tang Shuk-ming
Ms Theresa Tao Chee-ying
Mr Tsang Chi-hung
Dr Tse Tak-fu
Mr Wong Chik-wing
Mr Wong Chung-mat
Professor Timothy Wong Ka-ying
Mr Adrian Wong Koon-man
Mr Wong Ting-kwong
Ms Wong Wai-ching
Ms Marjorie Yang Mun-tak
Mr Yeh V-nee

     The following are JPs appointed under section 3(1)(a) of the Justices of the Peace Ordinance with effect from July 1, 2009:

Mr Andrew Au Sik-hung
Mr Chan Chung-ching
Mr Howard Chan Wai-kee
Ms Mable Chan
Mr Cheng Wan-ki
Ms Chi Lai-ming
Mr Chin Chu-sum
Mr Choi Lap-yiu
Ms Chung Lai-ling
Ms Shirley Lau Fung-yee
Mr Lee Kwok-wing
Ms Lee Mei-mei
Mr Anthony Leung Koon-kee
Mr Francis Liu Hon-por
Ms Amelia Luk Siu-ping
Ms Ma Kam-han
Mr Mak Tak-wai
Mr Edward Patrick Aquinas Moran
Mr Bobby Ng Mang-tung
Mr Edward Thomas O¡¦Connell
Miss Tai Shuk-yiu
Mr Wong Chung-hang
Mr Wong Ming-to
Miss Agnes Wong Tin-yu
Dr Yau Chuen-kam
Mr Yuen Lap-pun
Miss Yung Pui-man

Ends/Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Issued at HKT 00:01