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Speech by C of CS at Hong Kong Sea School's passing-out parade (with photos)

    The following is the speech delivered by Commissioner of Correctional Services, Mr Kwok Leung-ming, at a passing-out parade of Hong Kong Sea School today (July 8):

Chairman Chiu, Principal Hutchinson, Teachers, Parents, Guests, Graduates, Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Nice to see you!  I am greatly honoured to attend the Sixth Graduation Parade of Hong Kong Sea School after it was integrated into the mainstream education system.  Just now I saw all graduates marching past the review stand in high spirits and measured steps, and I fully appreciate that you and your teachers' everyday efforts in training and giving meticulous instructions respectively have not been wasted.  It also reflects your school's tradition in emphasising students' discipline, problem solving and team spirit.  To all graduates here, I must send my heartfelt congratulations!

    With the continual progress of society, our material life is far better than before, but our determination, industriousness, stamina as well as morality have deteriorated with our comfortable and convenient living.  Besides, the power of expression and communication among young people is generally on the decline.

    Hong Kong Sea School is a school with great originality and character.  While preserving the navy tradition, discipline training and boarding arrangement, it became a mainstream school from a practical one in 2001, with an addition of F4 and F5 curricula which will send students to take the HKCEE.  Your academic curriculum focuses on developing students' abilities in language, mathematics and information technology, at the same time fostering their interests in shipping, logistics, hotel and security services. 

    Hong Kong Sea School is committed to training students on discipline, morality and physique, which is in the form of daily foot drill and multi-facet adventure courses, the former strengthening their willpower and helping team-building with the latter testing their team spirit and preparing them to face the ups and downs as well as challenges in life with positive attitude.

    Apart from specially designed courses, Hong Kong Sea School is also concerned with its students' development after graduation.  It has organised market-oriented courses, say, in first-aid and security services for developing multi talents among its students.  Practical training is arranged for would-be graduates in various organisations concerned, such as hotel groups, leisure clubs, yacht clubs, ferry and tug boat companies, security companies and government departments.  Experience gained from these attachments will give a better chance for graduates to further their careers in the relevant trades.

    It is heartening and grateful to know that under the leadership and instructions of Chairman Chiu, Principal Hutchinson and all teachers, most graduates have been promised employment by different organisations.

    All graduates should inherit the tradition of Hong Kong Sea School in respect of its outstanding young achievers, which materialised in strong physique, high alertness and good discipline.  From today onwards, you will face a knowledge-based world with cut-throat competition.  What the school has given you is basic training in academics and skills and it is only through continuous hard-work, keeping close to social developments and lifelong learning that you will stay afloat in society.  I believe this is what the teachers of Hong Kong Sea School are expecting of you.  Here I encourage all of you to face every difficulty with courage and zeal, regardless of any ups or downs in the offing, so as to be a law-abiding citizen contributing to society in return.

    Last but not the least, I wish you good luck and great future.  Thank you!

Ends/Tuesday, July 8, 2008
Issued at HKT 20:46


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