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Speech by Postmaster General at 'Four Great
Inventions of Ancient China' Special Stamps
Issuing Ceremony


    Following is a speech (translation) by the Postmaster General, Mr Allan Chiang, at 'Four Great Inventions of Ancient China' Special Stamps Issuing Ceremony today (August 18):

    Professor Chu, distinguished guests, friends from the media,

    Welcome to the 'Four Great Inventions of Ancient China' Special Stamps Issuing Ceremony. Today, we are honoured to have Professor Chu Ching-wu, President of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, who is renowned for his success in scientific research, as our officiating guest.

    China has a glorious ancient civilization. Our numerous discoveries and inventions have shaped the development of science and impacted on human civilizations around the world. In this new set of stamps entitled 'Four Great Inventions of Ancient China', Hongkong Post showcases four revolutionary Chinese technologies - the compass, printing, gunpowder and papermaking of which every Chinese is proud.

    Our instincts tell us that there could hardly be any connection between the inventions and postal services. Spare some time and think it over, you will find yourself ready to share with us that the growth of nowadays postal service that links people and delivers business far and wide, owes much to the four great inventions which have profoundly changed the world since their emergence centuries ago.

    Printing and papermaking facilitated wide spreading of knowledge and universal access to education. They have also radically reshaped the ways in which information and knowledge are produced, exchanged and shared. Before that, long distance communication emphasised verbal exchange or delivery and the messages had to be made short. With the inventions, exchange of communication became more direct and thorough in the form of letters or printed matter, giving rise to the need for a universal postal service.

    The use of compass and gunpowder ushered us into the brave new world of exploration and ambition as they played an important role in the development of sea, land and air transport, as well as in the advancement of blasting and construction technology. The world we now live in has been dramatically changed and is commonly referred to as a global village. To keep pace with time and stay competitive, we leverage on our network infrastructure heading for a seamless global delivery.

    Ten years ago this month, we started to operate as a trading fund. Throughout the decade, not only have we changed our mode of operation, but also nurtured a unique corporate culture that cherishes the values of teamwork, innovation and excellence. With a team of dedicated staff, we have proactively met changing customer needs with an expanded range of 30-odd innovative products and value-added services. Looking ahead, we will continue to provide quality service to the community.

    This month marks the 10th Anniversary of the Post Office Trading Fund. To celebrate, a cocktail reception will be held in the evening of August 30 at the General Post Office. We will bring you a pleasant surprise, something philately-related. But at this moment, I have to hold the cards close to my chest. Let?s look forward to the coming of that gala evening.

    Thank you.

Ends/Thursday, August 18, 2005


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