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Speech by Postmaster General at leading postal
administrations join networks press conference


Following is a speech by the Postmaster General, Mr Allan Chiang, at a press conference on "Six of the World?s Leading Postal Administrations Join Networks to Provide Enhanced Express Service in Asia Pacific Rim Markets" today (July 25):

Ladies and gentlemen,

It's a great honour to be speaking to you today and to be joined by senior executives of Australia Post (Mr Graeme John), China Post (Mr Ma Jun Sheng), Japan Post (Mr Toshihiro Takahashi), Korea Post (Mr Joong-Yeon Hwang) and United States Postal Service (Mr Paul Vogel).

Today, we announce the introduction of a single express courier network spanning the Asia Pacific Rim. A fully integrated network underpinned by advanced technology, combined expertise and a burning desire to serve our customers.

In June, 2002, we met in the United States to discuss emerging business trends and the need to strengthen individual and joint capabilities in express, parcels and logistics services. The meeting ended with a pledge to work more closely and provide a common network to better meet the needs of our customers.

The rationale for working to a common interest is plain to see. We have unrivalled capability and on-the-ground expertise.  Together, we have more than 261 million delivery points throughout the entire network, as well as some 1.6 million employees and 142,000 retail locations. This kind of presence is unmatched by any delivery company today and gives us a unique platform for providing extensive express service coverage for our customers. We know our home markets and customer expectations very, very well. Each Post has extensive domestic reach, capability and credibility, built over many years. To us, it was a natural step forward to find ways to link these attributes to offer unmatched service for our customers looking for reliable and cost competitive international courier services. We have succeeded with today's launch of an integrated high performance network.  

I believe very strongly in the capacity of the international postal system to provide reliable high-quality services at an affordable cost. We have the best infrastructure, the best people, the best talent, the best knowledge. Now we can truly display our capabilities to our customers.  

Today's announcement is just the start - we have plans to expand. Why? Because our customers expect us to do so. We are already looking to expansion partners and to adding new and innovative services for our customers. Our customers operate in an increasingly globalised market. We must work hard to meet today's needs and tomorrows expectations. Our customers' success is very much our success.  

Ends/Monday, July 25, 2005


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