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Speech by Commissioner of Police


The following is the speech delivered by the Commissioner of Police, Mr Lee Ming-kwai, at the Force Remembrance Day today (October 23):

We are gathered here today to pay tribute to members of the Hong Kong Police Force and Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force who have given their lives in the line of duty.

This ceremony is the first to be held in this newly-opened Arsenal House - a state of the art building and a fitting tribute to the dedication and fortitude of all those who have served in the past 160 years, including our present strength of 27,000 regular officers, 4,000 Auxiliary colleagues and 5,000 civilian staff.

Today we honour the memory of those officers both Regular and Auxiliary who, whilst performing their sworn duty, have given their lives in the service of the people of Hong Kong. Time and time again police officers confront danger as well as the uncertainty of whether their duty to protect and serve will place them in harm's way. They however willingly accept this challenge in order to achieve what the community demands: a safe and stable society.

In the past year we tragically lost Police Constable Chan Yip-shing who died in the execution of his duty. Constable Chan's sacrifice reflects the dangers faced daily by all police officers and his selfless dedication to duty is an example to us all.

Ladies and gentlemen we are particularly honoured today by the presence of members of the Hong Kong Police Old Comrades Association, and other former-members of the Hong Kong Police Force. Like the many officers who came before them they represent an integral part of the fine traditions for which the Force is both famed and justifiably proud: traditions which our younger generation of officers must take forward into the future.

To all of you present here today I now ask that you remain standing and following the 'Last Post' join with me in observing a two minute silence in memory of all the police officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

Police Report No. 3

Issued by PPRB

Ends/ 1110 hours, Saturday, October 23, 2004

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