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Speech by Postmaster General


Following is the translation of the speech by the Postmaster General, Mr Allan Chiang, at the "2004 Olympic Games" Stamp Sheetlet Preview Ceremony today (July 30):

Mr Fok, Members of the Hong Kong Olympic Team, distinguished guests and friends from the media,

Welcome to the "2004 Olympic Games" stamp sheetlet preview ceremony. I want to say a special word of thanks to the Hong Kong Olympic Team for finding time to take part in today's ceremony, as I am aware that they have embarked on a busy schedule of events. After attending the flag presentation ceremony tonight, they will set course for Greece, and put years of training to the test by matching it up against other athletes from around the world. I wish all of you every success and will be following your progress with interest.

To honor the 2004 Olympic Games, Hongkong Post issued the "Sports" Special Stamps 10 days ago, which will be followed closely by the launch of "2004 Olympic Games" Stamp Sheetlet on August 13 when the Games officially begin. The stamp sheetlet is embedded with two $5 stamps, featuring a Greek runner and a modern-day sprinter respectively. They represent the best embodiment of the Olympic spirit that has prevailed over the centuries. Since 1992, this is the fourth set of stamps issued by Hongkong Post to celebrate the Olympic Games, and to pay tribute and support to our Olympic Team.

Through friendly athletic contests, the quadrennial Olympic Games has enabled people from all over the world to strengthen bonds of goodwill and understanding and to renew their faith in peace and love. For us, it is by living up to our principle of "Linking People, Delivering Business" and providing first-rate delivering services - be it letters, greeting cards or parcels - that we draw people closer to one another.

Two thousand years of development has changed the Olympic Games in a great many ways that it is now a far cry from the Games envisaged by the ancient Greeks. Still, one thing reigns supreme - the spirit of fair play and friendship. An interesting parallel can be seen in Hongkong Post. The past 160 years has seen Hongkong Post going through an incredible transformation in terms of operation mode, business scope, service variety and so on. Nevertheless we remain a committed team of postal professionals solely dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the society.

Finally, on behalf of Hongkong Post and the citizens of Hong Kong, once again I wish all of you the best of luck and win all the medals you can in Athens. Bon voyage!

Thank you.

Ends/Friday, July 30, 2004


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