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TPB announces new guidelines for two business areas


The Town Planning Board today (March 19) announced a set of new guidelines for interim building height restrictions in Kowloon Bay Business Area (KBBA) and Kwun Tong Business Area (KTBA).

"The building height profile to preserve views to the Kowloon ridgelines from important vantage points has been examined in the recently completed Study of Urban Design Guidelines for Hong Kong. The community generally supported the recommendation to instigate height control in the statutory plans", a spokesman for the Board said.

"On the basis of the findings of the Study, the Board has reviewed the building heights in KBBA and KTBA and decided that the public should be further consulted before the height restrictions are incorporated onto the statutory plans."

The guidelines will provide interim guidance on the consideration of development proposals in KBBA and KTBA, pending the result of public consultation on the recommended building height restrictions for the areas.

"The board will refer to the guidelines when considering planning applications in the two business areas, until the recommended building height restrictions are incorporated into the Ngau Tau Kok & Kowloon Bay and Kwun Tong (South) Outline Zoning Plans", the spokesman explained.

"As shown on Plans 1 and 2 of the guidelines, there are four height bands for these two business areas, ranging from 100mPD to 170mPD and 100mPD to 200mPD respectively, mainly for preserving views to the ridgelines and creating a discernible townscape," he added.

"Areas reserved for government, institution and community uses are also subject to a lower building height restrictions, which provide a visual relief to the high density environment of the business areas."

New planning applications and applications for major amendments to approved scheme will be assessed on the basis of the interim building height restrictions. Planning applications approved before promulgation of the guidelines will not be affected, unless major amendments such as increase in building heights to the approved scheme are proposed.

The interim building height restrictions will also provide a reference to the Land Administration and Building Authority in the consideration of development proposals.

The guidelines are now available at the board's website at

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