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Speech by Chairman of Housing Authority


The following is issued on behalf of the Housing Authority:

Following is the concluding remarks by Mr. Michael Suen Ming-yeung, Chairman of the Housing Authority at the Annual Special Open Meeting of the Housing Authority today (June 12)

Members, fellow colleagues,

As many as 16 members have spoken today. I am grateful for their valuable opinions on the work of and challenges facing the Housing Authority. Members' views will be carefully considered, and the Housing Department will respond in detail at the open meeting on 26 June. Now, I would like to highlight two major issues and to share with you my views and expectations on the issues.

Quite a number of members are very concerned about our estates' environmental hygiene and maintenance management problems following the outbreak of atypical pneumonia. I have taken most of their views on board. As I have said earlier, improving environmental hygiene is a top priority of the department. We must support the initiatives proposed by Team Clean, led by the Chief Secretary for Administration. The department should also adopt innovative strategies to meet public expectations and to strengthen co-operation with the residents and estate management advisory committees. This will further improve our estates' management, environmental hygiene and living conditions.

Some members have expressed concern over the authority's finances. I agree that the dire financial situation now facing the authority demands immediate attention. Our objective is clear. We have to continue to streamline our structure, lower our costs, enhance our effectiveness, explore feasible short term and long term options, as well as work out a sustainable financial arrangement with the Government. We must also plan ahead on the long term strategic issues.

I call on all members and colleagues of the authority to unite their efforts through this critical period. Our task for the future is a momentous one. But I am confident that we will continue to work together with enthusiasm and determination to enhance the quality and cost-effectiveness of our services to meet the considerable challenges we now face.

Thank you.

End/Thursday, June 12, 2003


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