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Speech by Postmaster General


Following is the speech by the Postmaster General, Mr Allan Chiang, at the Issuing Ceremony of "HONG KONG 2004 Stamp Expo Tourism Series No.1: Nightlife Stamp Sheetlet" today (April 8):

Good morning Mrs Chow, distinguished guests and friends from the media,

Welcome to the Issuing Ceremony of "Hong Kong 2004 Stamp Expo Tourism Series No.1: Nightlife" Stamp Sheetlet.

Riding on the success of HONG KONG 2001 Stamp Expo, Hongkong Post is going to play host to HONG KONG 2004 Stamp Expo cum the 17th Asia International Stamp Exhibition in 2004. The Expo is a 5-day event that runs from January 30 to February 3, 2004 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre with an aim to have philately, a healthy and educational hobby, making headway to a wider audience.

To serve our dual purpose of providing stamp collectors with a whole new series of thematic collectibles and having Hong Kong's awe-inspiring attractions and vibrant cultural life being promoted worldwide through stamp products, tourism on Hong Kong has been singled out as the theme.

As for stamp products, they are unique derivatives of postal service. They get to travel, and sometimes the journeys will take them cross the oceans to far-off lands where they are perceived as emblems of the issuers. Being the sole stamp issuer in the territory, Hongkong Post has taken upon itself to perfect the design and to select the best theme for each and every issue. The chosen theme of "Tourism" for this top-notch event carries with it the significance of the industry, though unfortunately hard hit by a number of adverse factors lately, as one of the four pillars of our economy. I have faith, nonetheless, that those adversities are likely to be very short-term phenomena and if we all act in unison, Hong Kong could rebound fairly quickly.

In the run-up to and during the time of the Expo, a series of six stamp sheetlets on the theme of "Tourism" will be issued by phrases for fuller publicity. Apart from the one we issued today and the "Green Hong Kong" to be followed in October, "Gourmet Kitchen", "Chinese New Year Parade", "Shopping Fun" and "City of Life" will come in a row.

All these six stamp sheetlets have applied the same new novel feature - the graphics of each $10 stamp blends in perfectly with the backdrop of every sheetlet and forms an exquisite picture of its own, complete with a number of self-explanatory illustrations on each of them. Other than these, may I also draw your attention to the illustration at the top left corner of today's issue that showed a lovely bridge with its beautiful reflection in a quiet pond. Isn't it a surprise if that captivating picture is said to be the subject matter of our second sheetlet - "Green Hong Kong"? The inclusion of a preview of a to-be-issued product into the one on sale is not only a breakthrough in stamp design, but also a new try of Hongkong Post. I'm sure you would be charmed by this novelty.

Thanks to the endeavor of our colleagues and the designer, Mr Jason Chum. Thanks also to our partner, Hong Kong Tourism Board, for your contribution of professional ideas and precious photos. With the joint efforts of the three parties, the "Nightlife" stamp sheetlet that we issued today is original and novel in terms of its designing concept and graphic effects. May I take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to you, Mrs Chow and your colleagues. Thanks for your great support.

Hong Kong Tourism Board has all along been known for its work in the promotion of Hong Kong as "Asia's world city" as well as the world's tourism hot spot. To achieve our twofold goal set forth for the upcoming Expo, continued collaboration with the Tourism Board in the next ten months is likely to be happened and we are looking forward to every rewarding partnership with you.

Thank you.

End/Tuesday, April 8, 2003


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