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Speech by SHW (English only)


Following is a speech by the Secretary for Health and Welfare, Dr E K Yeoh, at the Inauguration of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine's Dedicated Continuous Medical Education Programme for Practicing Doctors today (February 3):

Dr Leong, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure to take part in the inauguration of the Academy's Continuous Medical Education (CME) Program for practicing doctors who are not taking CME programs for specialist. This is the first one of a series of dedicated CME programs for non-Fellows. Over the years, the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine has been providing training and professional development in partnership with its 15 Academy Colleges for various medical specialties. I would like to congratulate the Academy for its achievement in bringing to our community the best medical expertise available in the world.

Hong Kong has been enjoying high standards of medical care. Our medical practitioners and health care professionals are among the best in the world. But there is no room for complacency. As doctors, we owe nothing but the best practice of medicine to our patients. CME is an indispensable tool in equipping us with the knowledge and expertise to meet this tall order. In fact, given the rapid advancement in medical knowledge and technology nowadays, CME is no longer an option. Rather, it must be regarded as integral part of our training if we are to practise medicine in a responsible and competent manner : we either progress through it, or become obsolete without it. I would call on you to take full advantage of this dedicated CME program to update your knowledge and skill, for the interest of both your patients and the profession.

I would like to give a vote of thanks to the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine for devising this CME programmes to all practicing doctors. With its rich pool of talents and experience, the Academy is well-placed to take a lead in this meaningful and important project. I am confident that this program will help reinforce a positive attitude among medical professionals towards lifelong learning. Last but not least, I wish this milestone program every success.

Thank you.

End/Sunday, February 3, 2002


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