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SARG's efforts in combating migrant trafficking recognised


The Commissioner of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), Ms Doris Meissner, this (July 7) evening presented a plaque to the Secretary for Security, Mrs Regina Ip, in recognition of the accomplishments of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in combatting migrant trafficking.

After receiving the plaque at a presentation ceremony held this evening, Mrs Ip said she was grateful for the recognition.

"It symbolises our co-operation over many years in the fight against international alien smuggling.

"We in Hong Kong have considerable experience in dealing with illegal immigration and are proud to have been able to play a part in stemming this treacherous, inhuman trade," she said, adding that the SARG would continue to support the US Government in this endeavour in the future.

The plaque was presented to Mrs Ip during a reception hosted by the US Consul-General, Mr Michael Klosson, in houour of Ms Meissner who arrived in Hong Kong today for a two-day visit after her first trip to the Mainland.

"The Commissioner's visit to Hong Kong underlines the importance attached by the US Government to our longstanding partnership in fighting alien smuggling and to co-operation in other immigration matters," Mrs Ip said.

The plaque was presented in recognition of the accomplishments of Hong Kong's Customs and Excise Department, Immigration Department and the Police Force in addressing issues of mutual concern such as human smuggling, illegal migration, human trafficking and other related criminal activities.

End/Friday, July 7, 2000