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LC: S for S's speech


Following is the speech by the Secretary for Security, Mrs Regina Ip, at the meeting of the Special Finance Committee of the Legislative Council today (March 21):

Analysis of Public Expenditure on Security


In the coming financial year (2000-2001), 10.0% ($28.6 billion) of total public expenditure will be spent on security. Of these, about $24.5 billion have been earmarked for departments under my policy responsibility. This represents an increase of 5.3% in real terms when compared with 1999-2000.

The key improvements contributing to the growth in expenditure in 2000-2001 are detailed below:

- 54 additional police officers to strengthen operational capabilities in new towns and new infrastructure

- 10 additional staff in Fire Services Department for new fire stations

- 27 additional staff in Immigration Department to process applications for Certificate of Entitlement (C of E) and to handle related judicial review cases

- 8 additional staff in Government Laboratory to carry out genetic tests for verifying the parentage of C of E applicants born out of wedlock

- 10 additional staff in Immigration Department for processing visa applications under the Admission of Talents Scheme

- 4 additional staff in Customs and Excise Department to strengthen transport support at Lok Ma Chau Control Point

In addition, 33 additional staff will be provided in Fire Services Department as the first phase to step up fire inspection and enforcement in private buildings, with particular attention paid to old composite buildings.

The actual creation and recruitment of the posts will be subject to the Budget Strategy in containing the size of the civil service.

Enhanced Productivity Programme (EPP)


SB and the departments under my policy responsibility will together deliver a total saving of $211.2 million in 2000-01 which is about 1% of our recurrent expenditure. The savings have been reflected in the provision sought in the 2000-2001 draft Estimates.

We have critically examined the EPP measures to ensure that the savings are derived from genuine productivity gains achieved through critical re-assessment of service demand, process re-engineering and review of the organisation for service delivery.

We will monitor the performance of the departments in the coming year to ensure that operational capability and service quality are not compromised in any way as a result of the implementation of EPP.

End/Tuesday, March 21, 2000