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Speech by Commissioner for Transport


Following is a speech by the Commissioner for Transport, Mr. Robert Footman, at the Launching Ceremony - Celebrating the Millennium : A Campaign to Promote LPG Taxi and Taxi Driver Uniform Organized by Taxi Dealers & Owners Association today (January 27):

Mr. Cheng, Honourable guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am delighted to join all of you this afternoon to witness the launching ceremony of a very meaningful campaign organized by the Taxi Dealers & Owners Association to promote LPG taxi and taxi driver uniform. I would like to thank Mr. Cheng and the Association for rendering support to the LPG taxi scheme and promotion of quality taxi service.

We are all concerned about air quality in Hong Kong. We need a clean environment to live in. Transport Department is keen to work with all public transport operators to reduce as far as possible harmful emissions from public service vehicles. The support of the taxi trade for the LPG conversion scheme is highly appreciated by the community. As at today, we have more than 380 LPG taxis in Hong Kong. Transport Department will continue to liaise with other government departments to help taxi trade to achieve a smooth transition from diesel to LPG operations.

On the quality of taxi services, recent taxi passengers' opinion survey conducted by Transport Department shows that majority of taxi passengers, including tourists are generally contented with the quality of taxi services and performance of taxi drivers in Hong Kong. But there is always room for improvement. In particular passengers are keen to see improvements in customer service, behaviour and manner as well as appearance of taxi drivers. The wearing of uniform like the 100 taxi drivers in front of us will definitely help improve the professional image of taxi drivers.

Lastly, may I wish today's campaign a success and a prosperous Year Dragon for all taxi drivers! Thank you.

End/Thursday, January 27, 2000