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C for T's speech at bus tracking media launch


Following is a speech (English only) delivered today (Tuesday) by Commissioner for Transport, Mr Robert Footman, at the Route 11 Bus Tracking Media Launch:

Mr Rees, Mr Dobie, Mr Scott, ladies and gentlemen,

Better use of advanced technology in transport management is one of the five focuses of our transport strategy in moving Hong Kong ahead.

So I am delighted to have the opportunity today to participate in the launch of this satellite based bus tracking system. The event marks a new era in the application of advanced technology in public transport.

The quality of service offered by buses has greatly improved in recent years with the introduction of Octopus cards and services provided by air-conditioned, more comfortable and low platform vehicles. In addition, bus passengers expect more reliable journeys and more information on services. Now we can see this wish becoming reality. I am sure this new technology will contribute to the efficiency and use of the public transport system, thus reducing the demand for private vehicles.

I would like to congratulate Citybus and Marconi on this new system. It will help us achieve our transport policy of better use of advanced technologies in transport management, and our vision to provide the world's best transport system.

End/Tuesday, December 14, 1999