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LC: Resolution to amend Estate Agents (Determination of Commission Disputes)Regulation


Following is a speech by the Secretary for Housing, Mr Dominic Wong, in moving a resolution to amend the Estate Agents ( Determination of Commission Disputes) Regulation laid on the table of the Legislative Council on May 26, 1999 at the Legislative Council meeting today (Wednesday):

Madam President,

I move the resolution printed on the Agenda.

The Estate Agents (Determination of Commission Disputes) Regulation prescribes matters relating to the resolution of disputes over commission by the Estate Agents Authority under section 49 of the Estate Agents Ordinance. The dispute resolution mechanism aims to provide an additional avenue, other than the court, to settle disputes over commission in a speedier, informal and inexpensive manner. The Regulation sets out detailed procedures to be followed by the parties involved in the determination proceedings.

The Regulation was laid on the table of this Council on May 26, 1999. A Sub-committee of this Council was subsequently set up to examine the Regulation. The amendments I now propose are minor in nature and they relate to procedural matters. They have been agreed by the Sub-committee.

Madam President, I beg to move.

End/Wednesday, June 30, 1999