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Speech by Secretary for Trade and Industry


Following is a speech (translation version) by the Secretary for Trade and Industry, Mr CHAU Tak Hay, at the Recruit Passsing-Out Parade of the Police Training School today (Saturday):

Commissioner Hui, Mr Wong, Officers, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am privileged to be the reviewing officer at this grand Passing-Out Parade. This is a proud moment for all of you as you have finished the most rigorous training with the utmost determination and dedication. All of us here today, including honorable guests, your instructors, fellow officers, members of your families present, and I, share great pride in your achievement.

Good social order, a stable investment environment, an independent judiciary and rigorous enforcement of the laws by law enforcement agencies are indispensable for Hong Kong to maintain its status as a business and trade centre, a financial centre as well as a cosmopolitan city. Over the years, through its excellent performance in fighting against crime and unreserved perseverance in upholding justice, the Hong Kong Police Force has won the trust of the community at large and the admiration of its counterparts all over the world.

Although the Hong Kong economy has experienced some downward adjustments as a result of the Asian financial turmoil, the Government remains firmly committed to the principle of free market and maintaining Hong Kong as an open economy and an open community. Past experience has shown clearly that the best way to preserve the competitiveness of Hong Kong is to continue to provide a free and liberal environment for all to thrive. The liberty to search for excellence and self-improvement by individual members and sectors of a community is the essence for its progress and advancement. In this respect, the rule of law underpinned by objective and rigorous law enforcement is an integral part of Hong Kong's open and free economy.

We must pay tribute to the Hong Kong Police Force for the social stability and good public order the HKSAR has been able to enjoy since our reunification with the motherland. Over the past two years, the concept of "one country, two systems" has been faithfully implemented across the board. The Central Government has shown full confidence and trust in the Chief Executive and the HKSAR Government. As civil servants of the HKSAR Government, we should acquire a deeper understanding of our country, so as to enhance our sense of national identity and love for our countrymen whilst continuing to safeguard the faithful implementation of the "one country, two systems" concept.

Today's Passing-Out Parade signifies that, having passed the most demanding test of your intellectual and physical abilities, you are now qualified to be members of the Hong Kong Police Force. The vigour and vitality you have just displayed on the parade ground symbolizes the confident strides that the community of Hong Kong is making towards the new millennium. On this memorable occasion, may I wish you all a distinguished career and all the best in the years to come.

End/Saturday, June 19, 1999