Private Buildings Cleansing Campaign launched


Representatives from owners' corporations (OC), mutual aid committees (MAC) and property management companies of various districts today (Thursday) pledged to support the territory-wide Private Buildings Cleansing Campaign.

They signed a pledge form indicating that they are representing their buildings to participate in the campaign and will continue to keep the buildings clean thereafter.

The cleansing exercise, launched by the Home Affairs Department, is one of the promotional activities of the Healthy Living into the 21st Century Campaign.

Speaking at a press conference, the acting Director of Home Affairs, Mr Lui Hau-tuen said :"The Private Buildings Cleansing Campaign is aimed at enhancing public awareness of the importance of a healthy living environment; improving the environmental hygiene standard of buildings; and promoting clean buildings and clean neighbourhood.

"We will mobilise our staff and temporary community organisers in the 18 districts to encourage OCs, MACs as well as owners and residents of private buildings to take part in the campaign and to assist them to mount cleansing operations."

Mr Lui said initially one or two well-managed composite commercial/residential buildings aged between five and 10 years in each district will be selected to launch a massive cleansing operation. The cleaned buildings will serve as models for other buildings and their management organisations to follow suit.

"We hope the publicity and good results of the initial models will encourage more owners and residents to volunteer to take part," Mr Lui said.

"We aim to help private buildings to delineate the differences between pre- and post-cleansing operation and encourage owners and residents to maintain a clean and healthy living environment after the campaign."

Owners and residents of private buildings in all districts will be encouraged to participate in the campaign.

Promotional activities such as seminars, talks or training workshops on keeping homes clean and hygienic in relation to effective building management will be held throughout the campaign period, while educational pamphlets, publicity leaflets and posters will also be distributed to OCs, MACs and residents of buildings.

Also attending the press conference were the Deputy Director of Home Affairs, Mr Augustine Cheng; the Chairman of Southern District Provisional District Board, Ms Mar Yuet-har; the Chairman of Wong Tai Sin Provisional District Board, Mr Chan Kam-man; the Chairman of North District Provisional District Board, Mr Tang Kwok-yung; the Chairman of Sha Tin Provisional District Board, Mr Choy Kan-pui; Principal Executive Officer of the Health and Welfare Bureau, Mr Stephen Pang; members of the Community Involvement Sub-Committee and representatives of Government departments concerned.

END/Thursday, January 14, 1999