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Assistive Devices for Activities of Daily Living (I)

As age increases, the physical capabilities as well as self-care abilities gradually declines. Elderly people can use various types of assistive devices to help with daily activities and to maintain functional independence despite physical and cognitive decline. Caregivers can base on the needs of the elderly, select the appropriate assistive devices, to enable the elder to live safely, independently and happily, thus improving self-confidence, self-image and self-care abilities.

What is an assistive device?

Assistive device is a specially designed device to assist people who have difficulty to perform activities of daily living. It can be applied in different situations, including dressing, feeding, toileting, bathing, grooming, household activities) and mobility (lifting and transfer). Commonly used devices can be classified into the following categories:

Types of assistive devices


(Put on/off clothing, socks and shoes)

  • Suitable for elderly with impaired limb function

stocking aid

Long-handle shoehorn

button hook



  • Suitable for elders with impaired hand function and agility such as stroke and osteoarthritis of hand

Mug with two handles Universal cuff Scooper bowl Nosey cutout cup Adapted chopsticks Dycem

Mug with two handles¡BUniversal cuff¡BDycem¡BScooper bowl
Nosey cutout cup¡BAdapted chopsticks


Drug management

  • Suitable for elders with impaired memory and hand functions

Med-on-time Drug organizer Pill splitter ÃĤY¿i¸H¾¹

(Med-on-time¡BDrug organizer¡BPill splitter¡BPill crusher)



Personal Hygiene

  • Suitable for elders with impaired mobility, so as to avoid home accident
  • Elderly and caregiver can consider the following device to enhance safety. Consult Occupational Therapist for assessment and training before making a decision




Toileting and bathing


Bath board

Shower chair

Bathroom grabbar


Suction brush Looped towel Long handle comb Long handle brush
Grooming aids(Long handle comb¡BLong handle brush¡BSuction brush¡BLooped towel¡B)


  • Suitable for elders with impaired hand functions e.g. stroke, osteoarhtritis, Parkinson¡¦s disease

Jar opener

Multi-purpose opener

Key holder


Home safety

  • To reduce the risk of home accident

dge protector

night light


Lifting and transfer

  • Elders and caregivers can consider the following device to enhance safety. Consult Occupational Therapist for assessment and training before making a decision

Wheelchair cushions

Bed rails

Rope ladder

High back chair






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