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Osteoarthritis of Knee

A joint is where two bones meet. Arthritis refers to inflammation of the joint tissue which can be acute or chronic. In the elderly, the commonest type of arthritis is osteroarthritis, which is degenerative arthritis, most commonly affecting the knees.


As part of the aging process, joint fluid decreases. With wear and tear, the cartilage becomes thinner. If the muscles and tendon protecting the joint become weakened, if there is overweight, or if there is persistent abnormal posture or activities such as squatting or sitting on low stools, the condition would become worse.


The commonest symptom is pain or discomfort, especially after walking, e.g. walking downstairs or carrying heavy load. Occasionally there may be redness, swelling and warmth. Chronic problems include stiffness and deformity.


Prevention and self-care

The degeneration of the knee joint cannot be reversed. However, with appropriate self-care and preventive measures, the process can be slowed, and it is possible to reduce pain and prevent relapse and deformity. To protect the knee joint, the most important is to reduce the wear and tear process:

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