Carers' Corner

Activities Assistive devices for activities of daily living
How to select suitable activities for elderly home residents?
Lifting and transfer
Diet Menu planning for people with chewing difficulties
The preparation of minced and pureed meals
Understanding nutrition screening indicators
Chronic Disease Dementia:
Activity program for persons with dementia
Behavioral management in persons with dementia
Dementia (communication skills)
Dementia – daily living
Environmental design for community dwelling elders with dementia
How to handle the problem of getting lost in elders with dementia?
Caring patients with Parkinsonism
Caring stroke patients
Self-care for stroke clients
Stroke: Applying physiotherapy principles in general care
Psychological health Bereavement: stress management of grief and loss
Skilful communication with elders
Stress management – Care-giver stress
Other Feeding skills for carers of frail elderly
Proper positioning for the prevention of pressure sores and muscle contracture
Wound care