Carers' Corner

Activities Assistive devices for activities of daily living
How to select suitable activities for elderly home residents?
Lifting and transfer
Spasticity and Contracture (I) – Physiotherapy Management
Diet Menu planning for people with chewing difficulties
The preparation of minced and pureed meals
Understanding nutrition screening indicators
Chronic Disease Dementia:
Activity program for persons with dementia
Behavioral management in persons with dementia
Dementia (communication skills)
Dementia – daily living
Environmental design for community dwelling elders with dementia
How to handle the problem of getting lost in elders with dementia?
Understanding Care Giving Stress of Family Caregivers: Unforgettable Love and Care
Caring patients with Parkinsonism
Caring stroke patients
Self-care for stroke clients
Stroke: Applying physiotherapy principles in general care
Psychological health Bereavement: stress management of grief and loss
Skilful communication with elders
Stress management – Care-giver stress
Other Feeding skills for carers of frail elderly
Proper positioning for the prevention of pressure sores and muscle contracture
Wound care
Helping elders adjust to long term care